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Designer Brows Academy

Do you have a passion for the Beauty industry? Do you like to uplift others & boost their confidence? Do you pay attention to every small detail? Do you want to be Certified in just 2 to 4 days?! Would you like to start making $50 an hour right away?

Designer Brows Academy offers a 2 day Microblading Only Course or a 4 day Microblading PLUS Ombre Powder Brow Course 

All Courses include on training, Live Models, PLUS a Deluxe Training kit, Texas Rules and Regulations


4 Day Course 

  • Crash Course on how to Microblade & Shade!

  • How to conduct client consultations

  • How to properly use Microblading tools

  • How to Use a Machine to Shade

  • How to Map

  • Stoke Patterns

  • Ombre Shading Patterns

  • Legal Requirements to Operate

  • How to Jump Start your Brow Business

  • 2 Live Models

  • Shadow opportunities 

  • Life long mentor and support 


There will be practice work that is sent home that will need to be completed before your next class date.

Class days will be either 2 days a week or 1 day a week.

*There is a $600 NON - Refundable Booking Fee to secure your first day of class.

Once you book this first day, I will call you and book your remaining 3 days. 

The remaining amount must be paid no later than the start of the first day of training. 

*If you pay with Card or any other online forms of payment then there is a 3.5 % Transaction Fee*

*Cash Is Always Preferred but there will still be a sales tax* 

There will be an exam at the end of the course. This is to ensure that ALL Designer Brow Academy students are prepared to graduate and provide safe and satisfactory procedures for their future clients. Your first 2 Models will need to be under the supervision of Designer Brows as a part of your final exam. They will be scheduled for your last day of class. If you would like to bring your own models please let me know a week in advance or I will provide the models for you. 

Deluxe Starter Kit: 

  • Mannequin Head 

  • Mapping tools

  • Powder Brows Machine

  • Cartridges 

  • Blades

  • Blade Handles 

  • Course Workbook 

  • Numbing Cream 

  • Pigment 

  • Shading Solution 

  • Grip Wrap 

  • After Care Kits for models 

  • Aftercare Instructions 

  • Consent Forms 

  • & MUCH MUCH More

Designer Brows Academy

Course Options

Young Female Student

2 Day Microblading Course

Before and After

4 Day Microblading PLUS Micro-shading Course With 1 Model